Bartenders are responsible for mixing, garnishing and serving drinks. In addition, bartenders stock and prepare garnishes for drinks and maintain all the necessary supplies.

Your objective: is to manage preparation and serving of hot and cold drinks such as coffee, tea, cocktails, freshly squeezed juices etc. You will be responsible for preparing and serving all the drinks from our menu  as well as some food items served from the bar.

Responsibilities will also include cleaning and sanitising work areas, utensils and equipment, promoting and recommending menu options to customers and taking payment from customers when needed.

The ideal candidate will possess experience of working in food service and as a barista. Finished bartending or mixology school is preferred. Other than that they should be excellent at multitasking so that they can simultaneously take orders from customers, interact with waiters and pour drinks. They should be extremely personable and have attentiveness and patience for customers. Flexibility to work in split shifts is needed. Work experience as Waitress / Waiter is an advantage.