Street food salesperson

As a street food salesperson you’ll perform duties related to food preparation, serving,  and cleaning in our street food hut. You will prepare simple food items, take orders and serve food and beverages to customers.

Your objective: is to be a great service attendant. You will have to greet  customers as they approach and inform them about menu details if needed. Good knowladge of all ingredients and possible alergens will be expected.

Responsibilities will also include taking orders, simple food preparation, preparing checks, serving  food and/or beverages to customers, stocking service area with supplies such as utensils, napkins, condiments, to-go cups etc.

You will work with other staff members so you need to be a team player.

Additional responsibilities could include standing outside of the hut to attract customers during slow periods as well as doing on-site marketing.

The ideal candidate will possess effective communication skills with guests and staff. Knowledge of basics in several languages is preferable. They should have a driving licence. Other than that they should be professional and friendly, quick thinkers with great attention to detail and have good basic math skills.