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Our story began 2018 fueled by a desire to lead the change in perception of healthy eating and sustainable living. If you’ve met us, you know our mission is to inspire people and the industry to work in symbiosis with the planet. In this day and age this is more relevant than ever.

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All of our water is purified through a patented Live Water technology making our water highly bio available, with high hydration and energy levels, and full of dispersed minerals.

We source from farmers we know and trust, letting the seasons dictate our menu, sourcing only the best quality ingredients, always organic and local when possible.

We locally supply whole vegetables, whole fruits and whole grains. Our team dices, spices, cooks and packages every day. Freshness is key.

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BioMania news

Organic ingredients used at BioMania, the best restaurant in Bol, Brac Island

Evolving European Dietary Trends: A 2023 Overview

European consumers are significantly shifting towards plant-based diets, driven primarily by health, environmental, and ethical concerns. According to the 2023 Smart Protein Project survey, 51% of meat consumers have reduced their meat intake, with legumes and plant-based milk becoming increasingly popular as part of their weekly diets.

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Plant-Based Diets: Saving Lives and the Planet

Plant-based diets provide substantial health and environmental benefits, addressing global challenges like climate change, resource depletion, and diet-related diseases. This article examines the scientific evidence supporting the adoption of such diets for improved planetary and human health.

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Apart from our own production we supply ingredients from trusted local suppliers. Supporting these businesses is an integral part of our vision.

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