This is Vesna, the founder of a Sustainable ecological family farm ZOGETERRA. The name comes from their family nickname ZOGE, and TERRA which means the land. Organic teas are made according to traditional recipes, using handpicked medicinal herbs from the island of Brač. Enjoy the tranquility and purity with a cup of tea at our bistro.

FAMILY BEEKEEPING MARČIĆ for vegan restaurant BioMania


Tonči & Sandra are local beekeepers whose work respects the connection between nature, bees, and people. Bee yards they keep are surrounded by wild plants such as sage, blackberry, wild oregano, immortelle, etc. Their bees thrive in the natural diversity that delivers an authentic taste of honey which you can experience at our bistro.

OPG Paveto Petić organic food in resaurant BioMania


Pavino is famous for his biodynamic method of winemaking. He uses grapes exclusively from the Ager vineyards and his whites made from Bogdanuša, Pinot Grigio and Pinot Bianco sorts, together with his reds – Plavac and Merlot – are the crucial part of the local enological offer. We strongly believe you will fall in love with them!


Jasminka and Željko run the Biomara family farm. For over a decade, they have specialized in the biodynamic farming of vegetables and berries that give distinctive flavors to their products. Taste our dishes and discover them for yourselves.

OPG Bučević organic food in BioMania


Antonia and Ivan, together with their three kids run organic family farm for growing bluberries. Their passion to create sustainable business is reflecting through every piece of this amazingly healthy fruit.


Petra and Antonio are the creatives behind BioMania’s visual identity design! It is a wonderful journey and we are happy to share our story with them!