Our story


Our story began in 2018 with a desire to lead the change in perception of healthy eating and sustainable living. If you’ve met us, you know our mission is to inspire people and the industry to work in the symbiosis with the planet. In this day and age this is not only possible, but critical and more relevant than ever.


We believe that actions today shape what tomorrow brings. Everything we do, and in that regard – don’t do – has a consequence. It is not a secret that moments in our life, as well as the decisions we make in those moments, are dependent on each other. This causality motivates us to be better, smarter with our choices, and to make our experiences teachable.

We are exclusively organic, farm-to-table plant-based restaurant, situated in Bol, on one of the most beautiful Croatia’s islands – Brač. Here, our goal is to be an example of economic Sustainability while providing our guests the highest quality ingredients which are not only organic, but go beyond that. We nurture our relationships with small family suppliers, we grow our own food, and we adjust our menus to reflect seasonal and local ingredients that are unique to the terrain, climate and agricultural traditions.

Our story is simply our interpretation of the story of the planet. We give our best to listen to its needs and work in alignment with it. Using biodegradable material and composting the food waste are some of the ways we integrate circular processes into our operational systems. By working on all fronts for the benefit of the planet and our guests’ health, we hope to show and educate the local and global communities how to do more by giving the right focus NOW.



BioMania provides a healthy and modern gastronomical experience for forward-looking game-changers through sustainable, friendly environment. Our message is an educational one, filled with passion so we can shine light on what the future of food and business can look like. Our desire is to inspire you and get you excited through super tasty organic, eco-friendly, local and seasonal plant-based food.

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